Captivating Croatia

Escape With Us To Europe's Hidden Gem!

Croatia is Europe’s “New Frontier”…still unknown and undiscovered by most…Croatia is a TRUE HIDDEN GEM. The food, wine, and culture are all ready to be discovered by YOU! This is not your average tour, it is an experience…one to delight all of your senses, and to make lasting memories. With a heavy focus on food and wine, our tours make you feel like you are truly living life, not just existing.

Captivating Croatia is excited to announce the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ Tour to be based in and around the Dubrovnik area, which has been voted one of prettiest cities in the world. The tour will offer an intimate behind the scenes experiences, featuring lavish backdrops and breathtaking landscapes now made famous by the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. The tour focuses on delicious local foods, wines, and the amazing history and sights around the Dubrovnik area.
This tour is unconventional compared to other tours in that we consider Captivating Croatia ‘The Un-Tour Tour” – as our guests get the most unique personalized interactions during our tours. From the vineyards, to exploring lesser traveled roads our guests will be taking it all in from a mirco-perspective vs covering a lot of area throughout the entire country. We will not herd you like cattle, each tours is limited to 8-12 people per trip, and daily travel time is limited to a bare minimum. We want you to feel like family, you are now part of the Captivating Croatia family!

Some of the things you will experiences are:

Visiting vineyards that have been making wine for a generations and are the ancestral homes of the Zinfandel grape, where the winemakers will explain their craft while you nosh on local edible delights.

Visiting one of the oldest sea salt harvesting areas in the world.

A private dinner within view of an ancient wall that rivals the Great Wall of China.

Experience the legends of lore and trace in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Marco Polo.

Learn how to cook your own Croatian food during a fun cooking class.

Experience and savor the freshest of oysters, mussels and clams directly from the source.

Captivating Croatia tours will always be small, intimate and completely hands on. You will get an authentic look into the lives of locals since you will be staying at private houses and residences. This will be a truly behind the scenes culinary vacation, one to nourish the body and the soul. The tour is being led by us, cooked by us, and savored by YOU. Come ignite your passions with our land, our people, our food, our drink, our heritage…our hidden gems… and experience Captivating Croatia.

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Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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