City Bell Tower

Model of the old Renaissance bell-tower from 1444.

It is located on the eastern end of Placa, above the Ploče Gate among several important public and communal structures of the Renaissance features.

It was erected in 1929 by the model of the old Renaissance bell-tower from 1444 severely damaged in the 1667 earthquake. It is of square dimensions 380 x 380 cm and 26 m high to the tambour of the dome. The city clock, a circle with hands for phases of the moon, large bell and famous ‘zelenci’ have been in the function for the City and its residents.

The bell-tower was badly damaged in the earthquake of 1979 because it was built on a landfill of the channel.

The renovation started in May 1987. The bell-tower was constructively linked with surrounding objects (Small Council and city walls) and consolidated by vertical prestressed cables anchored in reinforced-concrete slabs; one on the level of the ground floor and the other below the octagonal tambour of the dome. This enabled the elastic behaviour of the bell-tower during earthquakes.

Luža ulica 2
Dubrovnik 20000 HR
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