Dubrovnik Sights And Attractions

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Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik was founded in 1945.
Ulica Frana Supila 23
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Dubrovnik Cathedral

A Roman Catholic cathedral in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Poljana Marina Držića 1
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Sponza Palace

The palace has served a variety of public functions.
Stradun 2
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Bokar Fortress

Beautiful instances of harmonious and functional fortification architecture.
Ulica za Rokom 13
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Gornji Ugao Tower

One of many fortresses in Dubrovnik.
Ulica Iza Grada
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

The Franciscan Church and Monastery

A large complex belonging to the Order of the Friars Minor.
Stradun 2
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Gundulic Square

The only open­market inside Old Town.
Gundulićeva poljana 10
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Dominican Monastery

One of the most important architectural parts of Dubrovnik.
Ulica Svetog Dominika 4
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

St. Blaise Church

The Church of St. Blaise, patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik.
Luža ulica 2
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Stjepko Art – Atelier

Art Lover’s First Choice
Celestina Medovica 2
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Rector’s Palace

Palace that used to serve as the seat of the Rector of the Republic of Ragusa.
Ulica Pred Dvorom 4
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Onofrio’s Fountain Dubrovnik

Big Onofrio's Fountain is a sixteen­sided container with a cupola.
Poljana Paska Miličevića
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

St. Ignatius Church

This urban complex many find to be the most representative Baroque example in Dubrovnik.
Ulica Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 1
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Fort Lovrijenac

Often called "Dubrovnik's Gibraltar".
Ulica Skalini doktor Marka Foteza
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Church of St. Savior

A small votive church located in Dubrovnik's Old Town.
Ulica od Puča 8
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Revelin Fotress

Revelin was built as a detached fortress providing additional protection.
Ulica Vrata od Ploča
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Sunset Beach Dubrovnik

Enjoy the beautiful view and clean sea!

The Church of the Holy Annunciation & Icon Museum

Serbian Orthodox church in Dubrovnik.
Ulica od Puča 8
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Minceta Tower

Minčeta stands high above rest of Dubrovnik.
Peline ulica 43
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Jewish Synagogue

The oldest Sefardic synagogue still in use today in the world.
Žudioska ulica 5
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Cultural History Museum

The origins of the Museum go back to 1872.
Ulica Pred Dvorom 3
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Copacabana beach Dubrovnik

The best beach in Dubrovnik.
Ulica Ivana pl. Zajca bb
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

City Bell Tower

Model of the old Renaissance bell-tower from 1444.
Luža ulica 2
Dubrovnik 20000 HR


According legend in the 9th century Orlando and his fleet saved Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

St. John’s Fortress

One of the key forts in the Dubrovnik City walls defence.
Ulica od Pustijerne 1
Dubrovnik 20000 HR

Museum of Croatian War of Independence

Located on the ground floor of the Imperial fort on Srđ mountain.
Srđ ulica 2
Dubrovnik 20000 HR